Poster Contest FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Bluemont Fair Poster Contest

Q-Should text be included in the poster design (e.g., “Bluemont Fair”, the dates, etc.), or do you just want an illustration/design?
A-No, please just send the illustration

Q-What is the final selection based on?
A-The committee votes on the artwork that they hope will best reflect Bluemont on the Bluemont Fair posters, t-shirts, and mugs.

Ease of making the illustration into a final product can have some bearing on our selection of the winner. Often, but not always, an uncluttered motif with clear lines and a minimal number of colors is chosen.

Sometimes we love an illustration but would need some changes made to be able to use it (e.g., color changes or darkening/crisping of lines, or isolating a portion of the art for use on smaller merchandise).  If that is necessary, the willingness of the artist to permit or even assist us with changes can have some bearing on the winning selection as well. Our poster production folks can import computer graphic files, so please let us know if your illustration is available in softcopy.

Please make sure that all work is original. We will not knowingly choose any work that includes clip art.

Q-Will you accept more than one entry per entrant?
A-Yes. There is no limit on how many entries we accept from any one entrant.

If you have questions or concerns that were not answered here, please leave a message at 540-554-2367 and someone will call you back as soon as possible. You can also send an email to:

Thank you!