2019 Fair Dedication

We dedicate the Bluemont Fair every year to one or more Special Individuals.. Stay tuned to our 2019 Announcement!

Our 2018 Dedication was to: Martin Mitchell lived in the middle of Bluemont, and for decades he gave us his property to host the animals and vendors of the Fiber Arts Field. Martin grew up in Bluemont, went to school at what is now the Bluemont Community Center, and married ‘the girl next door,’ Betty Allder. He was given the land to build his house from another illustrious Bluemont resident, Jerome Fanciulli. He worked a variety of jobs, including spending time on the Big Dig creating the secret Mt Weather complex. Martin was someone to whom we all turned to hear the stories about what life was really like in Bluemont back in the day. To acknowledge our loss of Martin, and in recognition of his love of Bluemont, on the sleeve of the 2018 Fair t-shirts we are including one of his sayings that we feel summed him up:

“What’s the use of going when you’d rather be in Bluemont?”

Our 2018 Dedication was to: George Sweet lived in Bluemont for over 25 years, with his wife Marian and daughter Stacey. He was the BCA Treasurer for several years, and so was in charge of handling all the monies taken and spent by the Bluemont Fair. He was also a judge for the very first Bluemont Fair Pickle & Pie contest, and continued to volunteer at the Fair for years. He and Marian started Fox Lair Vineyards here in Bluemont. And George was very active in other volunteer efforts, including giving his time to Oatlands Plantation and participating in the Very Special Arts Council and the Special Olympics. In acknowledgement of George’s devotion to his daughter Stacey and to the larger special needs community, we are including the symbol of Down Syndrome awareness on the 2018 Fair t-shirt sleeves, as shown below.

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