Bluemont Fair Announces Winner of Juried Crafts for 2016

Joe Cunningham

Organizers of the Bluemont Fair have selected Joe Cunningham, Paper Maker, as Juried Crafts winner of the 47thAnnual Bluemont Fair.  The prize for winning Juried Crafts is free display space at the 48thAnnual Bluemont Fair to be held September 16 & 17, 2017, a very large blue ribbon, and, of course, bragging rights! Joe, who creates etchings as well as paper, currently resides in Winchester but lived in Bluemont for a number of years.  He has been making paper for the last twelve years.  Says Joe, “I really enjoy the fair.I like getting to demonstrate for so many people and maybe expand interest in paper making.  I have always been interested in paper, it’s texture and the promise. I have always liked old books and have always noticed the feel. I started paper making after years of searching out hand made papers to print my woodblocks and etchings on, the paper is as important to me as the image. I started making my own paper from YouTube and internet searches and short paper making demonstrations. Once I got hooked then I started taking more serious classes and experimenting on my own. I like the process. I like the different steps and the final product. I guess my eventual goal is to print my own limited edition book of images on my own paper.”


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