Pickle & Pie Contest

A traditional event each year at the Bluemont Fair is the Pickle & Pie pieCompetition. We welcome entries from anyone and the categories are judged as follows:

Pickles – Cucumber and Non Cucumber

Pies – Fruit and Non Fruit

Prizes are awarded to the winning entries and we try to promote local craft businesses when choosing each prize. All pie entries are then sold by the slice as a way of raising funds for the Fair. Pie plates can be collected late Saturday or Sunday and pickles anytime after 1pm on Saturday.


Entries should be dropped at the Bluemont Lake Store by 11am on the Saturday morning. Judging takes place at 12 noon and winners are announced before 1pm. Please label the name of the pie/pickle and your contact name/number below your plate or dish.

It’s great fun - come and join us!!  

For more information contact:
Paul Smith – 571 233 2025